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5 Best Natural Hair Oils for Glorious Summer Looks

Published on:23-08-2021
Among all good things summer brings with itself, the scorching heat is probably the worst of them, and our hair tends to bear most of the brunt. Dry, dull, frizzy and dusty hair are common hair woes we face when summers arrive.

While people tend to think that washing hair frequently during summers can do good to your hair, little do they know that oiling is way more effective in tackling hair problems caused by the heat.

Why are natural hair oils necessary during summer?

The summer season tends to bring a variety of hair woes and make it lifeless due to all the exposure to the scorching heat. To protect your hair and prevent hair damage, oiling your hair with a combination of natural hair oils like coconut oil, argan oil, jojoba oil, among others, can prove beneficial and help you add life back to your hair.

The natural hair oils lock in the nourishment and seal the hair cuticles to help repair your hair. Natural hair oils also aid in replacing lost lipids from your hair with its fatty acids.

Now that we know the benefits of natural hair oils, let’s look at the 5 best ayurvedic oils for hair you can add to your hair care regime:


One of the most famous ayurvedic oil for hair, Coconut is a multi-purpose oil which provides nutrition, boosts hair growth, lessens dandruff, fights dry scalp and adds shine to your hair.

Specially formulated with coconut oil and vital multivitamins, the Vatika Naturals Coconut Multivitamin + Hair Oil is an expert blend of pure luxurious oils, which helps with hair growth.


A known remedy for hair loss, almond oil helps in boosting hair growth. Rich in Vitamin E, almond oil is an essential oil for hair nourishment. This natural hair oil also acts as a cleansing agent for your hair and helps in removing pollutants and dust particles from your hair in one wash after application.

Vatika Almond Multivitamin+ Hair Oil is a special formulation of vital multivitamins and Almond oil which helps in smoothing and moisturizing dry hair. Rich in natural actives, vitamin E, argan and coconut oil, this ayurvedic oil for hair penetrates the hair shaft to strengthen it from within, giving you thicker-looking hair. Infused with sesame, this oil also coats the hair and adds shine to your locks.


Olive oil is known to be a great conditioner for sensitive hair. It is considered to be highly suitable for sensitive hair as it will hardly cause any allergic reaction upon usage. It is lightweight and also contains anti-inflammatory properties which makes it ideal for moisturizing your scalp.

An expert blend of pure luxurious oils like olive oil and vital multivitamins, Vatika Olive Multivitamin+ Hair Oil mends frizzy and dehydrated hair. The vitamin blend A, E, F helps in nourishing the scalp and maintaining your hair from root to tip, leaving it soft and revitalized. Infused with lemon, it also helps in removing dandruff flakes from your scalp.


Rich in vitamin E, stearic, palmitic, oleic, and linoleic fatty acids, Argan oil is known to protect your hair and scalp from harmful UV rays. Light in weight and a deep conditioner, this natural hair oil penetrates deep into the hair shaft to keep it nourished and moisturized.

An expert blend of Argan oil, vital multivitamins, sweet almond, and rosemary, the Vatika Moroccan Argan Multivitamin+ Hair Oil adds softness and shine to dull hair. While sweet almond conditions and softens your hair, rosemary helps in penetrating your hair shaft to strengthen the hair from within leaving you with shinier and thicker hair.


A perfect remedy for hair loss, hibiscus oil can help in fast recovery of dormant hair follicles and bald patches. Not only does it promote hair growth, but it also prevents premature greying and conditions your hair.

Revitalize lifeless hair with this expert blend of hibiscus extracts and multivitamins. Infused with the richness of hibiscus, Vatika Naturals Hibiscus Multivitamin+ Hair Oil boosts hair growth and prevents it from premature greying.

Usage of Dabur Vatika Natural Hair Oils:

  • Massage a generous amount of oil onto your hair and scalp
  • Leave overnight or for a few hours and then wash
Head to Dabur and explore the wide range of Dabur Vatika Natural Hair oils now!

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5 Best Natural Hair Oils for Glorious Summer Looks

Among all good things summer brings with itself, the scorching heat is probably the worst of them, and our hair tends to bear most of the brunt. Dry, dull, frizzy and dusty hair are common hair woes we face when summers arrive.

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