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Committed to Spreading Smiles

Since our inception, we are driven by our goal to make this world a better place and to bring positive change to our society. With our registered voluntary wing known as ‘Sundesh’, we focus our efforts towards the growth and development of rural areas of the country.

Pioneered by Mr. Pradip Burman, our founding chairman, this CSR wing of Dabur focuses on diverse issues within health, literacy, employment and empowerment.

Initiatives that we undertake


Commissioning integrated rural and slum development programmes with an emphasis on health and education along with socio-economic upliftment.


Promote better awareness and understanding of environmental issues.


Encourage good habits within personal and household hygiene, sanitation and health.


Improve accessibility to affordable health services and support expansion of medical facilities in rural areas.


Introduce vocational training programmes for building income-generation skills.


Empower rural communities through services that boost their development.

"The wonderful thing about joy is sharing it with others."